Vista Bonita Honduras
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Vista Bonita Community
       Vista Bonita Community is located in the village of El Pino, just West of the La Ceiba airport.

       Most of the lot and home owners in Vista Bonita are Canadians and U.S. citizens, though others are from elsewhere around the world.

       The community is less than 2 miles from the beach, and less than that from the Pico Bonito Lodge at the base of the Pico Bonito mountain.

We can create any financing option you would like but the lowest down payment option is $500 with a recurring credit card authorization of $199 per month for 60 months. At any point you can pay off early by paying the equivalent of $165* the number of months remaining.  This does include your legal fees.

There is no construction timeline.  Build only when you are ready.

There is an additional charge for Home Owners Association dues which are $20 per month. This provides for security and general cleaning and maintenance of your lot.

Taxes are around $10 per year.

There is water and power to each lot.

The waste water is handles by septic tank installation when you build.

We do not offer loan terms longer than 5 years (60 months).